Sunday 25 March 2012

Ochel Babylonians

Finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel with this huge collection. I intend to do at least 3 scenes with these figures, some of which are interchangeable between settings.

                                              Figures with resculpted feet and hands

                                             Almost finished figures, barring intricate detailing

Impressionists fully identified

Starting to have fun with this eclectic set. I would probably display this set with an impressionistic backdrop.

Braune's Mammoth Hunt

This is coming along nicely. The mammoths and moose are more or less painted and I am working on the cavemen.
A delicious scene is playing out in my head.

GO figure it out

I got some nice sets from GO International, including a CD of their huge catalog. Really, this is a must as most of their figures are not on their website. Given that the cost of the CD isn't much, why they don't put all that info up on the website escapes me. It would certainly save on time and speed up transactions.

As I said, their catalog is great. These are the first few sets to make it into my collection.

                                                   Roman Hippica Figures

                                                   Venetian Slave trader tent

                                                      Slave traders and slaves

Sunday 11 March 2012

Two Beautiful Websites featuring Ancients

I have been to these two very inspirational websites many times. The Ancient figures are terrific!

Saturday 10 March 2012

Three eclectic sets

Three more sets being prepared for painting.

                                            The Turkish storyteller is from Go International.

Petit Boulevard is a set of impressionist painters from Michael Braune. I think that I may have identified most of them correctly except the fellow with a wheelbarrow.

Some Chinese figures from Willian Fechner. His catalogue is awful to browse thru, hundreds of pages of randomly distributed figures. I may need to alter some of these as I think that their heads are too small.

Battle of the Little Big Horn

A very nice set from Braune. I really like his set pieces.

Mammoth Hunt

A very interesting set featuring a Mammoth hunt from Braune.

Aztecs and Incas

I bought these sets from both Alexander Wilken and Berliner Zinnfiguren. They are being undercoated for painting. Both sets feature some rather spectacular palanquins and canopies.



Ochel Babylonians

I have recruited most of the slave market range for this round of painting. Some overall modest progress in painting, slowed down by the need to clean out and scrap off excess metal especially around the bases on some figures. I need to repair some figures with epoxy putty.

                          Musicians and King. The figure with the lyre needs to have his lower fringe repaired.

                                            Note that the first figure has a missing wrist.

Babylonian Slavemarket. The three figures in the top right corner appear to be hermaphrodites, one of them sporting a beard and breasts.

                                             Vassal Emissaries paying tribute. the dress looks Hebrew.

Tuesday 6 March 2012

Gerome Snake Charmer and background

This is a temporary display background for the Snake Charmer set. I did a simple watercolour wash over some brown cardboard. Nice, eh?

Ochel Babylonians

I selected some Ochel Babylonians for painting. I notice that some are similar (not identical)  to  Gottstein figures which can be seen on other websites. These comprise kings, queens, royalty, musicians and tribute bearers. I am re-reading my ancient history to get into the mood.

Friday 2 March 2012

MauroBenni Sets

MB Zinnfiguren is so far, the only Italian editor that I know of. These delightful small sets are based on Renaissance paintings. Here are a few of them being prepped with undercoat. I always paint in oils over enamels or arcylics.

Well, I just found this web blog which was set up sometime back but now seems not to be active.

Arabia Set Western Miniatures

The Complete Arabia Set is here. I have managed to identify many of the pieces based on Orientalist paintings.  I would be grateful if viewers will help me to identify the rest.