Monday 31 March 2014

Doodling on some Assyrian figures

As I started to re-organise the Assyrians, I decided to doodle more on the existing figures, adding more paint here and there. Just an excuse to revel in these figures and take more pics. I hope that you can see improvements in the on-going painting of these Kiel Ochel figures.

Kral Fantasy sets

These sets were featured in old issues of the BFFS journals and I decided to get these.

I have a suitable book entitled "The Throne Room of the Great Moghuls" by E.A. Seeman which clearly was the inspiration for these figures.

Hafer sets

These are recently obtained Hafer sets, featuring Assyrian and Roman figures.

Vincent Van Gogh in 30mm

With a little leftover putty, I sculpted a simple figure of the above. This took about 5 mins.

Monday 17 March 2014

Diorama building in the round

Whilst awaiting more new zinnfiguren, I have been pursuing my interests in ronde bosse figures. Using some experience gleaned from my numerous zinnfiguren dioramas, I am now doing a small diorama project.
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Getting some new figures

I have been awaiting some new figure sets. These have finally arrived and I am now slowly cleaning and organising the sets. This is just a sneak preview of some figures: