Sunday 5 July 2015

Assyrian Scene 13 Finished

I attached all the pieces that I wanted into this scene. The lighting was tested. A very warm effect was obtained. A harsh edge light over the background was muted by placing a tracing paper over the light source.

The glass cover was placed over the scene and you can see me taking the pic.

Close-ups of the scene.

The finished piece. I just have to find a place to display it.

Incan Women bathing

This set was given to me by a very good friend. The set is available at Berliner Zinn. I soaked the figures overnight in vinegar and when dried, sprayed them with matt white.

Thursday 2 July 2015

Assyrian Scene 12

Finally some movement. I fitted the LED light. This will be used to light up the backdrop as well as the room. A small slit was cut on top of the ceiling for the light.

The room scene was glued to the picture frame for stability. I painted the wall decorations.
I am now populating the banquet room with my Ochel figures. Dancers and musicians in the centre, with the revellers on either side.