Sunday 22 July 2012

Renaissance Artists

Three sets featuring Albrecht Durer and Leonardo Da Vinci

Cortum - Bear Hunt

It's been a while since I showed any Cortum set. This is a Bear hunting scene with Landsknechts

King Sobieski of Poland

A lovely Ochel Set King Sobieski travelling with an escort of Polish Winged Hussars

An Unusual Thematic Set - Greek Independence

A Wilken set on King Otto of Bavaria and Greek Independence

More Egyptians

I'm just sharing these display sets on Egyptians.

                                             Cleopatra being presented to Caesar

                                          Joseph Dream Interpreter to Pharoah

                                            Death of Cleopatra

                                            Berliner Zinn Pharoah supervising building works

                                       A very large Braune set on Moving the Pharoahs\'s Statue 

Wall Displays

I spent the better part of a weekend putting up these wall displays. It is no mean feat for an amateur drilling holes into block walls. At least the frames are off my table allowing me more space to do more stuff.

                                             A night display illuminated by this piece

                                            Myself looking relieved after this.

Sunday 15 July 2012

Snake Charmer again

I finished the three sitting Arabs and I have more or less a full complement for staging Gerome's Snake Charmer Orientalist painting. I will probably use plastic card to represent the tiles.

Qing Dynasty Emperor QianLong

I got this great set, again from Wilken. This shows a Manchu Hunting Scene. I will probably try to display this as a Chinese Scroll Painting.

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Consolidating my gains

Well this has been another whirlwind round of acquisition (I haven't shown everything yet) and the quirky photography was hurried. I would rather spend the time cleaning and preparing these figures for painting and mounting into dioramas.

So far, my modus operandi has been to prepare new acquisitions by mounting them on cardboard frames, and then working on developing colour undercoats broadly just to give me a feel of overall colour range. I then work on selected pieces, several at a time, as the mood takes me. I may finish them or put them back in the boxes until the next time.

                             Western Miniatures Arabia set -  JL Gerome the Slave Market being worked on.

                                                     A magnificent tree from Braune

Ochel Babylonians

I thought the Assyrians were terrific. Just look at this even more gorgeous Babylonian set.

                                           The Triumph of Shapur over Valerian

Rieger Moghuls

These figures are superb. It is a matter of time before I acquire his Moghul Elephants.

                                              Hunting Scene


                                             Ladies playing polo

More from Wilken

I like to look at Alexander Wilken's site as he has sets from various sources.

                                         A hunting scene based on the Duc de Berry Book of Hours

                                                 A medieval feast scene

                                            Jesus Entry in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday

      Some sitting arabs to supplement the Western Miniatures Arabia figures for the Snake Charmer scene

                                          Paul Gauguin during his Tahitian Phase.

Recent Acquisitions

I have been preparing some recent acquisitions for painting and can't wait to show them off. So the pictures are not great but its fun just to look at flats anyway.

First up are a series of GO Intl sets that are really unusual.

                                          Bacchanalian Feast

             Aphrodites Arrival  These two sets appear to be Roman festivals bordering on mythology

                                      A set based on weighing stations in Hansa for traders

                                Congress of Vienna Delegates distracted by Pauline Bonaparte