Monday 7 May 2012

More Ancient sets

More goodies. This blog is all about the process of artistic development, warts and all.

                                       Ur Sumerians from Berliner.  Everyone in sheepskin kilts

                                          Music and Dance in Egypt. Berliner set.

                                          Friedrich set Sekmet Princess. A purrfect group, I think.

                                          Nefertiti's Ride Berliner set

                                  Nefertiti herself. I want to show how I paint the human form under drapery.

More sets being developed

                                   I have started laying the groundwork for more sets. Braune's Custer set.

              This picture was upright on my computer. They need to fix the bugs on these blogs....

   Moses and the Golden Calf set from Wilken. I can recognise Charlton Heston and Edward G   Robinson...