Saturday 14 November 2020

Jean Leon-Gerome The Snake Charmer

I’ve just decided to refurbish this piece based a well-known Jean L. Gerome painting titled The Snake Charmer. The scene comprises a nice oriental set obtained from Braune and with a few Wilken figures added. 

So here's the piece as it was hanging on the wall before I started the refurbishment. 

I had made this about 10 years ago. The sides were simply painted black. In retrospect, I think it would probably look better if I added mirrors to the sides to create an impression of a large interior. Mirrors cut to the right size are a little tricky so I have opted for silvered mirror paper which are easier to handle. The scene was missing a white turbaned boy in a blue gown sitting in front.

I carefully prised open the box from the frame. Then I cut two side shiny card pieces to fit onto the edges. 


I sculpted the sitting boy figure to add to the scene. 


Finally, I've completed this. The figures and parts were reassembled and I added a thin cutout frame to mask off the edges. The glass sides certainly make the scene roomier and brighter. Thanks for looking.