Sunday 8 April 2012

Finally to round off this mammoth painting round

The cro-magnons and their meal.
                                          On my computer, this looked upright...

                                              When completed, this should make a great scene/

Impressionist set completed

I have completed Braune's great little set.

Happy Easter

And what better way to celebrate the day then with some easterners...

I started on Segom's Assurbanipal Assyrian Lion Hunt. These figures are chunky and the castings are thicker than most other flats. The details are rough but I think that careful painting will make this set.

I also went to town on the Ochel Assyrians.

                                              Slave market

                                            Hebrews paying tribute

                                             Close up detail of the Patriach riding mules

More Assyrians court officials, slave traders, priests

                                          The famous Sardanaplus bed orgy scene

                                               The King and his Queen

                                        Other revellers. These Aryans knew how to have a good time.

                                           One tipsy reveller staggering to his couch.