Sunday 26 October 2014

M North 9 Finished

I've finally finished this piece. I added more foliage to the foreground, and darkened the areas around each ape to create more contrast.

The glass casing was carefully cleaned. The edges of the diorama were trimmed to fit neatly within the case. Previously, I had tried to wedge in cardboard strips along the entire box frame but this only served to distort the box, as it was made out of thin plywood. This time, when I fitted the frame over the box, I added stout cardboard strips only to the corners to wedge the box firmly against the inside of the frame. The box was very securely fixed to the frame, and there was no further need to add a layer of masking tape along the sides. The frame was fitted with hooks and wire and is now nicely displayed on my wall.

Here are a couple of pics showing the unlit diorama in a lit room.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

M North 8

I have been spending so much time on my other activities, so have not posted for some time. I finally made some headway with this scene.

I fitted the usual LED light, not as bright as a fluorescent light, as this is supposed to be a moonlight scene.

As the lit-up scene is a little dark in the foreground, I have since painted in more foliage into the scene, and have further highlighted the apes, to brighten it up.

 Taken in the day - sorry about the fuzzy pic

 Scene lit up, taken in a darken room. The lights can be seen through the cardboard frame. I have since pasted a layer of dark paper behind the frame.

Close up of the lit-up scene