Monday 17 November 2014

Palm Sunday Diorama 7

I undercoated the building structures. I also added a door to the Eastern Gate entrance.

Sunday 16 November 2014

Palm Sunday Diorama 6

I overpainted the sky with a lighter blue.

After studying the composition, I've decided that the Temple was too low and raised its height and the accompanying Antonia Tower by about 3 cm overall. This was an imposing structure and I wanted it to fill the space. New cardboard cutouts were used to create these buildings.

Sunday 9 November 2014

Palm Sunday Diorama 5

I raised the horizon and painted the hills with acrylics. Also darkened the shaded walls.

The hills have been overpainted with yellow ochre in oils. The rest of the painting will be done with oils.

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Palm Sunday Diorama 4

I dusted off the figures for this diorama and continued to highlight the painting here and there.

Monday 3 November 2014

Palm Sunday Diorama 3

Following the completion of the Marianne North diorama, I have taken out this unfinished piece to work on it now.

The building sections had been base painted. I will be making more use of the background, by raising the horizontal line, by elevating the hills in the background to accommodate a sprawling city. This will also create more groundwork to populate the foreground.

That is the Eastern gate of Jerusalem, double door, with the temple and the Antonia tower in the background.